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Title: 2018/9/4 15:37:47
Just got home. This is not what I ordered at all. It was lousy. Should of checked order before I came home. Should of taken a match to my money. Will not return.
Title: 2018/8/6 12:02:40
I am applying for a dishwasher job. I am retired and I am looking for extra income to supplement my SSI. I was in earlier and was referred to facebook for application. However I do not see anywhere to fill out a form of application. My name is Doug and my phone number is 503-400-8638. Thank you and please consider me- Doug
Title: 2018/5/18 14:42:24
Had dinner a few weeks ago , everything deep fried was soggy grease flavored obviously deep fryer was not up to temp . Won't be back .
Title: 2018/3/10 21:28:13
Tonight I ordered food to go. When it was ready i had the cashier check the order. I had her check it because twice before the order was shorted of what we paid for! ( 3 times since last fall of 2017). Again tonight when we got home to West Salem we had no rice! My husband decided this time to call and complain. He was told the manager was busy and could not talk. The excuse given why we were without rice was” things happen when we are busy”! This is no way to run your business.
Title: 2018/11/3 19:16:48
It’s like McDonald’s now Gotta re check every order before you take it home
Title: 2018/11/3 19:11:44
Ordered tonight for pickup Got home Seems we have someone else’s dinner I called back Asked to speak to manager I was told there was no manager Maybe this is why our order was so screwed up Person on the phone very rude
Title: 2018/10/14 4:55:10
Good food @ decent prices, with friendly staff from Aimee one of my favorite older waitress whose been around for years, to Carolina one of the newer waitress since beginning of summer. Bella's a great hostess, and your bussers sure do keep up with all your customers getting water and tea quick as can be. Friendly faces, fair prices, and fresh food makes for a happy me & my family!!
Title: 2018/1/5 9:37:24
Do you serve gluten free food? If so what.
Title: 2018/1/20 11:50:54
I want to confirm my reservation for 12 people in the back area tomorrow Sunday the 21st for Steve, Saint Vincent's group. Please email me to confirm. Thank you!
Title: 2017/11/27 18:12:28
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