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Title: not good food or service1/29/2012 3:26:58 AM
I love going to this establishment always have good food and service. On this occasion it was horrible. It was on 01/14/2012 around 5:45ish. I went to the establishment went inside and ordered food to go. The girl that took my order her hands were all dirty from like a sauce it was gross and she kept touching her hair. The restaurant was a little messy the tables weren't wiped off and food debris in the ground. I was about to leave but I always have good food from here so I stayed. I got the food it took about 30 minutes! I got home took the food out and all the food was cold, not good, and very greasy. I was upset because I spent so much time waiting for the food and I spent over $60.00. I called in to inform them and no one answered the phone! So that is why I'm doing this online form. If the things don't change at this establishment I won't return.
Title: keep up the good work guys, and my compliments to your chefs!1/11/2013 11:53:35 PM
I've been a customer at your restaurant for about 19 years now, basically, my whole life, and ive never had a complaint, i would suggest more info on your website on booking a group to eat at your restaurant, because sometime in the near future i plan to bring a group of about 15-20 people there to eat, other than that, i have no complaints
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